Looking for ways you can be a part of what makes our recital successful?

Look no further …


this list may be updated or changed at anytime

  • Front table managers

    Both rehearsals & show day: Greet patrons, check wristbands, sell t-shirts, bottled water, assist as needed

  • Program distributors

    Show day only: distribute programs prior to each show

  • Flower sales/distributors

    Show day only: distribute pre-orders and sell in-stock flower bouquets

  • Dressing Room supervisors

    Both rehearsals & show day: Help keep an eye on students in the dressing room while the show happens. Make sure parents can find their children when they're done performing

  • Hallway monitors

    Both rehearsals & show day: Supervise the hallway for behavior, lost children, overall safety

  • Class "MOMS"

    Both rehearsals & show day: to help line up students in the hallway and stay with them until they're backstage (dads or other responsible siblings/adults welcome, too) no more than 2 requested per class.

  • Backstage Runners

    Both rehearsals & show day: Help ensure students are lined up and backstage (and then back to the dressing room) before & after their performance

  • General donation

    Charitable donation to ATD to use as needed. The link will take you to our Venmo account.

  • Program Sponsor

    Help us offset the cost of printing programs with your donation. Your name (and/or business) will be featured in our program as well as on our social media pages. The link will take you to our Venmo account.