Looking for ways you can be a part of what makes our recital successful?

Look no further …


this list may be updated or changed at anytime

  • Front table managers

    Both rehearsals & show day: Greet patrons, check wristbands, sell t-shirts, bottled water, assist as needed

  • Program distributors

    Show day only: distribute programs prior to each show

  • Flower sales/distributors

    Show day only: distribute pre-orders and sell in-stock flower bouquets

  • Dressing Room supervisors

    Both rehearsals & show day: Help keep an eye on students in the dressing room while the show happens. Make sure parents can find their children when they're done performing

  • Hallway monitors

    Both rehearsals & show day: Supervise the hallway for behavior, lost children, overall safety

  • Line-Up leaders

    Both rehearsals & show day: to help line up students in the hallway and stay with them until they're backstage; no more than 2 requested per class. (Yes, you will still have time to watch your child perform)

  • Backstage Runners

    Both rehearsals & show day: Help ensure students are lined up and backstage (and then back to the dressing room) before & after their performance

  • General donation

    Charitable donation to ATD to use as needed. The link will take you to our linktr.ee page.

  • Program Sponsor

    Help us offset the cost of printing programs with your donation. Your name (and/or business) will be featured in our program as well as on our social media pages. The link will take you to our linktr.ee page. Deadline for the 2024 program is May 11th, 2024.