Recital 2024: “In The Land of Make Believe”

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

shows will be held at 1:00pm and 6:00pm at
Galesburg High School Auditorium

The 1:00pm show will feature preschool through 2nd grade classes, opening, staff dances and ATD Blue Heat

The 6:00pm show will feature 3rd grade through HS classes, opening, finale, staff dances and ATD Blue Heat

Upcoming Important Dates

*subject to change

May 4th — Recital flower preorders are due
(payable to ATD)

May 11th — Recital picture forms & payments are due to ATD (payable to Dickerson’s Photography)

May 20th – 25th — Spirit Week (last week of classes)

May 25th — last day of classes

May 27th — Memorial Day
(no classes held)

May 28th & 29th — Recital pictures at ATD (schedule posted below, at the studio and within the recital packet)


May 30th — Dress Rehearsal for the 1:00pm show held at GHS starting at 6:00pm

May 31st — Dress Rehearsal for the 6:00pm show held at GHS starting at 6:00pm

June 1st — RECITAL DAY! shows at 1:00pm and 6:00pm at GHS

2024 Recital Packet

important information to read and use for reference

Tickets/wristbands will be on sale starting May 1st, 2024 until May 29th, 2024 at the studio and are priced as follows: (no online orders)

$15 each (for admittance to ONE show) and will be a specific color

$20 each (for admittance to BOTH shows) and will be a specific color

Families will receive (1) wristband for free that will grant them admittance to both shows (usually given to a mom or whoever helps students change costumes in the dressing room) All other audience members must purchase tickets/wristbands.

Due to capacity limits – we are limiting EVERY family to purchasing no more than 5 tickets/wristbands total unless otherwise noted. This will guarantee each family the opportunity to purchase tickets/wristbands without (hopefully) overselling the house. Tickets will only be sold to current dance families per show so we can keep a close eye on ticket sales. *(in other words: If you want to bring others, they must be included in the 5 tickets you’re allowed)

Please note that any performer who wishes to watch the actual performances MUST sit on a lap as to not take a seat away from a ticket holder. (Performers will receive a pass to attach to their costume coverup and allow them free admission to either show)
It’s recommended that dancers wishing to watch the show watch dress rehearsals instead.

Make your voice heard!

While we are thrilled to be back at GHS in 2024, we have had to increase our ticket prices to the recital due to the nearly triple rental fees we are being charged by District #205. We have reached out to the Board to voice our opinions but need your help as well. Please reach out to the Board or attend any of their meetings to show your support for us and other entities in the community who are being forced to pay significantly higher prices making it nearly impossible to afford to utilize their newly renovated space. We want to support the District but if they aren’t willing to reduce their fees to make it more affordable, we will be forced to find other venues for future recitals.

For 2024: The facility rental fee (not counting the required custodial fee, supervisor fee or technical director fee) that we are being charged is now $300/hour versus $75/hour in years past.

Looking for ways to help?

Our recitals are successful because of our cooperative ATD students and families and our generous volunteers. 

Read more on our volunteer page about how you can help either with your time or your sponsorship and donation. 

We are grateful for your generosity! 


  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes

3:40pm     Imagination Song

3:55pm     The Last Unicorn

4:10pm     Some Call It Magic

4:20pm     I Saw A Dragon

4:25pm     Happily Ever After

4:30pm     Mirror Mirror

4:40pm     Curses

4:50pm     Queen Of The Waves

5:00pm     Come On Out

5:10pm     Genie In A Bottle

5:20pm     Game Of Thrones

5:30pm     To Be A Princess

5:40pm     Magic Wand

5:55pm     Beanstalk

6:05pm     Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

6:20pm     Hansel & Gretel’s Lullaby

6:30pm     To The Fairies They Draw Near

6:45pm     Leprechaun Rock

6:55pm     Home Again

7:05pm     Harry Potter

7:10pm     The Enchanted Treehouse

7:15pm     Kingdom Come

7:25pm     Swan Lake

7:35pm     Dream Sweet In Sea Major

7:40pm     Ultraluminary

7:45pm     In The Woods Somewhere

7:55pm     Nightshade    

8:05pm     Giants

8:10pm     BLUE HEAT (black leggings & team jackets)

3:40pm     Fearless Hero

3:50pm     Stepsister’s Lament

3:55pm     Hey Alice

4:05pm     Cat & The Fiddle

4:15pm     Renegade

4:25pm     Moves Like Magic

4:35pm     Kingdom Dance

4:45pm     Bigfoot

4:55pm     My Jolly Sailor Bold

5:05pm     The Princess Mix

5:15pm     Jester

5:25pm     Fortune Teller

5:35pm     Monsters

5:45pm     Neverland

5:55pm     It’s Goin’ Down

6:05pm     Heads Will Roll

6:15pm     Getting Stronger

6:25pm     Like A River Runs

6:35pm     Poison Apple

6:40pm     Did Don’t Do

6:50pm     Midas Touch

7:00pm     Dynasties & Dystopia 

7:10pm     Free & Happily Ever After (Finale)

7:20pm     Born Bad (Opening)

7:30pm     The Magic Slapstick

1. Born Bad (opening)
2. To The Fairies They Draw Near
3. Curses
4. Jester
5. Hey Alice
6. Hansel & Gretel’s Lullaby
7. Magic Wand
8. Some Call It Magic
9. Cat & The Fiddle
10. Beanstalk
11. Queen Of The Waves
12. The Great Divide (Decker family)
13. Monsters
14. Imagination Song
15. To Be A Princess
16. Fearless Hero
17. Leprechaun Rock
18. Mirror Mirror
19. Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
20. The Last Unicorn
21. Happily Ever After
26. ATD Blue Heat (Powerpuff Girls)

*some quick changes are to be expected*

1. Born Bad (opening)
2. Castle On A Hill (HG)
3. Giants
4. My Jolly Sailor Bold
5. I Saw A Dragon
6. The Princess Mix
7. Arabian Nights (DC&VL)
8. Renegade
9. It’s Goin’ Down
10. Like A River Runs
11. Fortune Teller
12. The Show Must Go On
13. Nightshade
14. Getting Stronger
15. Come On Out
16. The Enchanted Treehouse
17. Game Of Thrones
18. Dynasties & Dystopia
23. ATD Blue Heat (Angel By The Wings)

–INTERMISSION, 15  minutes–

24. Did Don’t Do
25. Neverland
26. The Magic Slapstick
27. Stepsisters Lament
28. Lily’s Theme (EB&KB)
29. Isis (SB)
30. Swan Lake
31. Poison Apple
32. Midas Touch
33. Kingdom Dance
34. Ultraluminary
35. Dream Sweet In Sea Major
36. In The Woods Somewhere
37. Moves Like Magic
38. Genie In A Bottle
39. Harry Potter
40. Heads Will Roll
41. Home Again
42. Bigfoot
43. Kingdom Come
44. Free & Happily Ever After (finale)



A fun way to celebrate recital during the last week of regular classes: May 20th – 25th

Monday, May 20th: “F”unny sock (or hat) day
the more mismatched, wacky and wild the better
Tuesday, May 21st: “A”ll the colors you can find
how many different colors can you wear at the same time?
Wednesday, May 22nd: “I”sland day
wear something tropical or beach/summer themed
Thursday, May 23rd: “R”ecital shirt day
wear any of the ATD recital shirts
Saturday, May 25th: “Y”ou be you day
wear something that shows off what makes you…you!


The 2024 shirts will have the recital logo on the front and a list of all performers on the back. Keep in mind that although we do order extras, the best way to ensure your child receives a shirt is to sign up and pre-pay at the studio by April 13th.

Adults & Youth $15, (adult 2XL & 3XL: $20)

SHIRTS WILL BE ORDERED APRIL 14th. If you didn’t preorder one, you may purchase one of the extras once they arrive. 


Forms & money due to ATD by Saturday, May 11th, 2024! (Studio will be open from 9:30am – 12:00pm)
You must order at least 1 package for 1 class. After that, you may order add-ons only for additional classes. You may write 1 check for multiple classes.

Pictures will be taken professionally by Dickerson’s Photography at the studio.

Class & individual pictures ordered will be available to pick up at ATD most likely after July 15th. Specific dates & times on the News page and our social media pages.

**Hair may be done however you like for pictures but MUST be pulled up for rehearsals & shows


 We’ll be selling 5-stem ‘crazy daisy’ (bright colors!) variety bouquets ($14 each) 
Pre-orders for flowers must be in by May 4th.

We will also have flowers on hand for those who want to purchase on the night of the show. We know this is a perfect way to congratulate your dancer on a job well done!


RECITAL VIDEOS by JEFFREY CERVANTEZ (JC STUDIOS) will be available to purchase as follows:

$25 each (for 1 copy of the 1:00pm show)
$25 each (for 1 copy of the 6:00pm show)
$35 each (for 1 copy of EACH show)

FLASHDRIVES: (digital copies of the shows)
$30 each (for 1 copy of the 1:00pm show)
$30 each (for 1 copy of the 6:00pm show)
$40 each (for 1 copy of EACH show)

Videos will be ordered after the show is over & will be available to pick up at ATD.

Specific dates & times on the News page and our social media pages.

SIGN UP AT THE STUDIO; payments payable to JC STUDIOS & must be paid at the studio.


Unless told otherwise:

all ballet & pointe students will wear pink tights

all tap & lyrical students will wear suntan tights

all jazz & hip hop students will wear suntan tights

**some classes have been told to wear specific tights

We sell tights at the studio!
child tights (2-6) or (8-12)
adult s/m or l/xl

all regular tights are $20 each
all body tights are $25 each