Recital Costumes

Click on each picture to read the caption which mentions what color of tights and what color/style of shoe needed for each class.

When in doubt:

    • tap classes wear suntan tights, black tap shoes
    • ballet/pointe classes wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes (girls) or black socks and black ballet shoes (boys)
    • lyrical classes wear suntan tights and tan lyrical or tan jazz shoes
    • jazz & hip hop classes wear suntan tights (or black socks for boys) and black jazz shoes
    • modern/contemporary classes wear suntan tights & usually perform barefoot unless otherwise specified 

Recital 2024: “In The Land of Make Believe”

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

shows will be held at 1:00pm and 6:00pm at
Galesburg High School Auditorium

The 1:00pm show will feature preschool through 2nd grade classes, opening, staff dances and ATD Blue Heat

The 6:00pm show will feature 3rd grade through HS classes, opening, finale, staff dances and ATD Blue Heat

Recital costumes will be brought to the studio starting the week of February 19th-23rd.


1. please dress your children in tights and leotards (or other tight fitting clothing) so costumes can be easily tried on OVER their clothes. We need to get the best idea of how the costumes fit and it’s easier to slip them over a leotard or tank top & leggings or shorts rather than trying to stuff bulky clothing in or make the student strip down to their undies 🙂 we will NOT be allowing them to go one at a time to the bathroom; we’ll be using the dance room as our giant dressing room so we can help as needed and costume pieces aren’t lost (and if there’s a problem we can hopefully fix it promptly) 

2. the teachers and helpers will dress the students as to avoid loss of essential pieces and so we can explain what’s included and how to wear the costume or if any adjustments will need to be made (sometimes straps need attached or shortened, etc., usually very minor things) THEN we’ll come to the lobby to show the parents as soon as all students have their costumes on and ready. We will also take pictures to send to families so those who aren’t in the lobby to see can still see the costumes.

3. costumes will NOT be sent home with children until the first week of May

4. if your child isn’t in class this week, we’ll hold his/her costume for them to try the following week

We do our best to make sure costume week goes smoothly but usually the entire class time is spent putting costumes on, running the dance a time or two, then taking them off so we can be sure everything is in the proper bag and folded as neatly as possible until it’s time to send the costumes home

Each day we’re able to bring more costumes in, we’ll send you an email (the day before when possible) 

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 

If you still have a balance due for costumes, please make sure it’s paid ASAP (the deadline was 1/31/24) You can check your balance 24/7 by logging in to SportsEngineMotion