Policies & Curriculum

updated 2023-2024
*subject to change anytime


It is understood that when registering your child for lessons, he or she is enrolled for the entire year (September through May) with tuition being divided up and due on the 15th of each month. **A $15 late fee will be charged to those who have not paid by the last day of the month AND late fees will now accumulate** This will be STRICTLY enforced!

For example: if September tuition isn’t paid on time, a $15 late fee will be added to October’s tuition. If October tuition is also isn’t paid on time a $15 late fee will be added for October AND a $30 late fee will be added for September being late or unpaid for 2 months.

Anyone who has not paid for two consecutive months will not be allowed to continue lessons until the previous months are paid (including late fees) Your child’s absence from class does not reduce the cost of operating class for that day nor for operating the studio in general. Therefore, credit cannot be given for missed lessons. While there is no penalty for students no longer planning to attend classes, written or verbal confirmation MUST be received prior to him/her leaving. Until said confirmation is received, tuition will continue to be due (with any late fees). There is a $25 service charge on all returned checks. Lessons are held each week except for specified holiday breaks and the occasional bad weather day or if the teacher is unable to attend class.

If the class(es) you registered for is full or cancelled, we reserve the right to place your child in the next available class. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONFIRMATION CAREFULLY! The confirmation will also list your monthly tuition. ATD is not responsible for overpaid tuitions throughout the year. With our online system, you will be able to sign in 24/7 and check your schedule & account status. 

*those students wanting to enroll in Pointe must be at least 13yrs old, have had at least 1 year of immediate prior ballet training and also enroll in a ballet class for the current year. Please check with Lindsay to see if you qualify before enrolling. Thanks



Students are expected to have the proper attire by the 4th week of lessons. Girls should wear a leotard & tights or lycra dance pants or shorts & tops with proper shoes. (Colors & styles are up to you!) Boys should wear a t-shirt with dance pants or shorts and proper shoes. We’d like all ballet students to wear a leotard so their bodies are more visible for alignment purposes. NO JEANS (shorts or otherwise) are considered proper dance attire. No jewelry should be worn to class; not only could it get lost or stolen, it can also cause distraction and possible injury. Absolutely NO GUM CHEWING during class — this is an accident waiting to happen! Click here to shop for appropriate dancewear.


Tap students will need black tap shoes with straps or ties; ballet students will need pink ballet shoes (girls) and black ballet shoes (boys); jazz  students should wear black jazz shoes, lyrical students should wear tan lyrical shoes; hip hop students may wear jazz shoes until recital costumes have been decided. All pointe students need to have proper pink pointe shoes (they need to be fitted for these and can do so at Flying D Dancewear in Peoria)


Classes will be cancelled for 3 main breaks: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break. (see calendar for dates) There will be no specified make up schedule for these classes. Tuition is pre-calculated for these breaks.


The policy for bad weather has been: if the school district (Galesburg, Dist. #205) has cancelled classes for the day, the studio will also be closed. HOWEVER, we do try to be open as much as possible so this is no longer a consistent rule of thumb. IF we cancel or close early for incliment weather we will post on our social media accounts, send emails and send an alert through our app. These missed days can be made up if chosen but will not have a specified make up time. If the school lets out early or starts late due to bad weather, there will probably be classes held that day but you can check our social media accounts or SportsEngineMotion to be sure. We also try to email classes affected.


If you child must miss a class, a call or email would be appreciated. Students may come to an age appropriate class at another time as a make up lesson. If your child does come to make up a lesson, make sure I know at the time of the make up so I can be sure they receive proper credit. Only missed classes will be eligible for make up. It is more advantageous for students to make up classes prior to Winter Break. After Winter Break we will be working on dances for the recital and each class will learn a different dance.                 


There are cameras in each of the dance rooms that stream to the lobby so you can view your child’s class easily. Sitting or standing in the doorways or “peeking” throughout the class is NOT ALLOWED. Thanks for your cooperation. If we bring in the audience to watch a routine, we will come to the lobby to get you. Please note: we do not allow street shoes on our dance floors.


All students should get drink breaks and use the restroom before and after class. It’s very disruptive if they leave during the middle of class unless specified.


Merchandise for sale at the studio includes proper shoes & tights for class along with leotards and All That Dance items. There is also a “Used-Shoe Box” which you can borrow shoes out of until you order your own (of if you forget yours). We just ask that you return the shoes at the end of class so that other students may do  the same. People may also donate their old shoes to the used shoe box. Check our links page for other ways to shop!


These can be performed by anyone who’s enrolled in at least 2 classes and shows a maturity to handle the responsibility.  All those students interested in performing a specialty dance number must talk to Lindsay BEFORE Winter Break to sign up. Also, due to the growing interest in performing these specialty numbers, not all who sign up will be guaranteed a spot in the show.


A great award system for dancers to strive for. Dancers of the Month (students over age 7) are selected every month (September through May) based on attendance, overall attitude, respect for fellow classmates and the teacher, willingness to learn and practice and also their behavior in and outside of class. The Dancers of the Month are introduced at the end of the recital and the Dancer of the Year will be named at that time. Dancers of the Month are not limited to the number of years they can be chosen but the Dancer of the Year cannot be the same person within a 3 year span.


There is an annual recital in June in which each class performs. We order each class a costume for this performance (therefore, if your child is enrolled in 2 classes, he/she will have 2 costumes) Students are not required to purchase these costumes nor are they required to perform in the recital. However, performance in the recital requires purchase of a costume. All costumes will range in price from $45-$75 each. Costumes WILL be ordered during Winter Break and a $30 deposit is due at that time. **PLEASE NOTE: THE COSTUME DEPOSIT IS NO-REFUNDABLE** Payment for all costumes is due on or before January 31st. Any comments or concerns with this, please let Lindsay know.


We will continue to split up all classes into TWO SEPARATE performances.
We will be performing both shows at the GHS Auditorium (if it changes we’ll let you know)
Each performance will have its own dress rehearsal.

“Recital 1pm” will be preschool – 2nd grade classes, will rehearse on Thursday night at 6pm and perform Saturday afternoon at 1pm

“Recital 6pm” will be 3rd-HS classes, will rehearse on Friday night at 6pm and perform Saturday night at 6pm

The opening, teacher solos and Blue Heat routines will perform in BOTH shows. Finale will only perform in the 6pm show.
Recital pictures will still take place at ATD and will span 2 nights (Tues/Weds) after Memorial Day

TNT (Teachers In Training)

Are you interested in becoming one of our TNTs? Our selection process is more involved, starting with the 2009-2010 year. We also revised the requirements for each TNT in order to keep this program thriving & productive! Please let Lindsay know ASAP if you’re interested!! Previous TNT members who are chosen again will have first dibs on scheduling. Please remember anything relating to TNT is subject to Lindsay’s discretion.